Our quality approach

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Helinetwork International

In order to remain consistent with our customers’ requirements, our quality system complies with the standard norm prEN 9120.

This international standard promotes the implementation of the improvement and efficiency of our quality management system.

It is important, even essential, that everyone understands the value of meeting our customers’ requirements, as well as the statutory and regulatory requirements of our industry. These requirements must be considered with the utmost rigor given the potential risks particularly in terms of security.

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To do this we must :

  • Set annual targets.
  • Establish or update minimum operating rules and  requirements necessary to achieve these objectives and comply with the requirements of the standards.
  • Develop training and outreach initiatives to make the contents of these rules known to all staff personnel who take up customer and regulation requirements explicitly.
  • Ensure the permanent control of our suppliers as well as the documentary control of information intelligence
  • Develop tools for measuring the performance and efficiency of our processes.
  • Continue to develop Rotorplace for our customers.

— Our quality management system is evolving constantly; we all need to move forward, and the continuous improvement of the system’s efficiency thus ensures its sustainability.

” It is this regular reviewing that guaranties our customer’s complete satisfaction”.