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SAFRAN (Engine & Aerosystems)

Safran Helicopter Engines is the international market leader in production of small and medium power gas turbines for helicopters. This manufacturer offers a wide range of complete and unique engines.

Safran Aerosystems is a major global supplier of systems and equipments for helicopters. The company designs and builds high-tech solutions that enhance aircraft performance and flight safety (like flotation, fuel tank central…)


Collins Aerospace is one of the world’s largest suppliers of technologically advanced aerospace and defence products. Find out all our servos control and hoists Collins Aerospace, all our parts are original manufacturer.


THALES Avionics Electrical Systems, is a subsidiary of the THALES Group that improves, simplifies, automates and controls electrical systems in aeronautics. We sell starter generator and electrical battery from Thales.


Saint-Gobain designs, produces and distributes materials and solutions designed for the well-being of everyone and the future of all. Saint-Gobain offers a range of high-performance products to players in the aeronautics and aerospace market (as windows for Colibri, super Puma or Dolphin helicopters).


SECAN, “Sociétés d’Etudes et de Construction Aéronavale” is the historical leader in heat exchange. SECAN has been applying its expertise to the development of your heat exchangers, air conditioning systems and cold plates.


LACE, a subsidiary of the Rafaut group, is a major player in the design, production, sale and technical support of equipment and load transport systems for the aeronautics industry.
LACE offers helicopter transport hooks (AIRBUS, BELL) for safely lifting loads up to 5 tons


As the world’s leading helicopter manufacturer, Airbus provides the most efficient civil and military helicopter solutions.
Our Airbus parts come directly from the manufacturer Airbus Helicopters. Overhauled in standard exchange or new, order your parts safely (main gearbox, ring, screw, nut…) for the maintenance of your helicopter.


The company are specialized in the study, conception and standard production of aeronautical and industrial equipments (like fuel, ice and rain protection, air conditioning).


Tech-Tool Plastics, Inc. specializes in the design and manufacture of helicopter replacement windows for Airbus, Bell, MD Helicopter, etc…


Global-sys is acknowledged as an expert for Cordless Audio applications, being able to propose a very wide spectrum of wireless technologies adapted for Voice communications in particular (Analog, DECT/WDCT, Bluetooth, Voice over IP / WiFi, GSM, WIMAX…).


Aeromob is an Aeronautical Equipment factory, specialized in Ground Handling Wheels for suspending and moving helicopters on the ground.
Their equipment is certified for Airbus, Bell and Robinson helicopters.


AEVA designs high-tech on-board equipment for the aeronautical industry. Turbine ignition systems, braking computers, sensors but also cookpit indicators are part of the equipment.


Barfield Inc. is a GSTE manufacturer of Air Data/Pitot Static testers, RVSM Air Data testers, APU testers, Cable Tensiometers testers, Fuel Quantity testers, Pressure testers, Nav/Comm Transponder test sets, Pitot/Static Adapters and Turbine Temperature testers.

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